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Yesterday's Results Jul 26
Away     Home
Braves 0 7 Whitney Development
Burners 13 18 Los LoBos
Columbia Tavern/Decarolis Ins 13 25 CFG Industries
Razorbacks 5 6 Numero Uno
Fighting For Kassy 16 19 Research Results
JMS Electric 12 10 Joey's CPA Swingers

Today's Games Jul 27
Time Away VS Home Field
6:15 PM Cadel Gazbar/Taylor Rental Upper Field (2)
6:15 PM Phoenix Bar and Grill F Builtwell Fence Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM Scoreboards 2 F Redstrong Upper Field (2)
7:00 PM TKO/Los Amigos F The Billards Lower Field (1)
8:00 PM Acme Auto Hitting for Jeter Lower Field (1)
8:00 PM Breaking Balls Clan Battlehammer Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM Wasted Talent Crawford Drilling Services Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM Prowlers M 435 Grill Lower Field (1)
Game Notes (click to read)

Columbia Tavern/Decarolis Ins vs CFG Industries

ray racine knocked in seven runs including a two run home run as cfg defeated columbia by a mercy score of 25-13. ryan o'laughlin knocked in four runs while teammate john cuddahy knocked in three runs with dave ferguson the winning pitcher. matt dunn hit a three run home run for the losing team.

JMS Electric vs Joey's CPA Swingers

joey's cpa swingers had tied the game in the bottom of the fifth at 6-6 but jms electric scored three runs in the sixth and added three more runs in the seventh but joey's could only muster four runs in the bottom of the seventh as jms won 12-10. rob volent hit a pair of home runs for jms as he knocked in four runs ( a two run homer and a solo home run). louis pizzaro hit a two run home run while teammate ricky rich knocked in two runs. as for joey's john cuddahy knocked in six runs including a three run home run and a two run home run.



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