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Yesterday's Results May 27
Away     Home
MRC Primos
Luxury Box VIP's Bionostics
Clan Battlehammer Moe's Tavern
Luk Homers Draleau's
Mickey Shea's Richardson Funeral Home
Scoreboards Coed Outsiders
CFG Industries Buffalo Wild Wings 1
Breaking Balls Burners

Today's Games May 28
Time Away VS Home Field
6:15 PM Vipers XX Young Money Upper Field (2)
6:15 PM Research Results Luk Homers Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM Superfans Tiggers Upper Field (2)
7:00 PM Scoreboards Huhtala Oil Lower Field (1)
8:00 PM Solid Rock Rye + Thyme Upper Field (2)
8:00 PM Gazbar/Taylor Rental Columbia Tavern Lower Field (1)
9:00 PM Mickey Shea's Paisanos & A1 Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM Numero Uno Joey's CPA Swingers Lower Field (1)



05/26 - 7:00 - 7:45

05/27 - 7:00 - 7:45


Alternate Player Fee

Effective May 4, 2015, any alternate players who have yet to pay their Alternate Player Fee will not be allowed to play until they pay. Payment can be made to the scorekeepers or the Director On-Duty. Scorekeepers will have an up to date list every night until the list no longer exists. Players are responsible for this fee, not the teams.