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Yesterday's Results Jul 26
Away     Home
DCU/B-DUB2 Scoreboards
Mexichem Specialty Compounds Hummers Lawn Care
Christopher's Pub 3 Burners
Gazbar/Taylor Rental Buffalo Wild Wings 1
Burners Clan Battlehammer
Solid Rock Christopher's Pub 2

Today's Games Jul 27
Time Away VS Home Field
6:15 PM Crawford Drilling Services Moe's Tavern Lower Field (1)
6:15 PM TKO Round 2 Whitney Development Upper Field (2)
7:00 PM Storm Troopers Mason's Bowling and Rec Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM TCWF Warriors US Army/#Redstrong Upper Field (2)
8:00 PM L&B S.O.P Salty Jake Lower Field (1)
8:00 PM Los LoBos Storm Troopers Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM Make up Make up Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM Make up Make up Lower Field (1)



Contact Lori Beaudoin League Administrator @ 978-265-9661 or lorib12@yahoo.com



There are still some players who have not paid their alternate player fee. If anyone who is unpaid participates in a game, their team will receive a forfeit. No exceptions. Next year we would like to get alternate player fees paid by the first week of the season. Its only $20. We have now listed the players who still owe, if you think your name is listed in error, please contact any board member.

Chris Corliss
Willie Lopez