2014 Season Schedule Released


2014 Season Notes

A few important notes about the 2014 season.

  • Alternate players - Will be required to pay a $20 alternate player fee this year. This payment is the player's responsibility and not the team, and is due before the first game.
  • Bats - The bats were grandfathered for another season.  However this year the league has purchased a bat tester and all bats will be tested before being allowed to be used in league play. Only bats with league approved stickers will be allowed to be used in league play.  Random testing will also occur on previously approved bats during the season.



Minutes from the April 10th meeting are posted, the next Board Meeting is scheduled for April 24th at the Elks.


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Have a rules question you are not sure on?  Check out the new Ask the Ump section. There are a few questions already posted but if you don't see one that covers what you want, just ask.