Rain Out info

Yesterday's Results May 04
Away     Home
CFG/ A1 Pallets Cadel
Draleau's 19 20 Salty Jake
A-Alert Logistics 6 21 Great Clips
ASI Joey's CPA Swingers
Buffalo Wild Wings 1 Gazbar/Taylor Rental
Mill Auto Cobras Prowlers

Today's Games May 05
Time Away VS Home Field
6:15 PM Acme Auto Columbia Tavern/Decarolis Ins Lower Field (1)
6:15 PM Builtwell Fence SOP Upper Field (2)
7:00 PM Crawford Drilling Services Team All Mac Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM Hummers Lawn Care Christopher's Pub 2 Upper Field (2)
8:00 PM Moe's Tavern Solid Rock Lower Field (1)
8:00 PM The Sandlot ROI Industries Upper Field (2)


Today Thursday May 5th 6:00 to 7:30pm at the light shack!!!

Please not that ALL STICKERS with the exception of the yellow single wall bat sticker for coed bats  must be removed before any bat will be tested for the 2016 season.  The bat testing station will be located in the light shack at the field just like last season.



Click the Looking to Play button on the left.  You will have to register for an account and then you will be able to post your information for the coaches looking for players.



This year we will be implementing a roster limit for "ranked" players. The Rosters_Ranked Players is a list of the current players classified as ranked players. Each division will have a limit of these players that are allowed to be on the individual rosters. We used this system as a guide last year and it helped create one of the most competitive seasons top to bottom for each division. We also believe this will help coaches build a roster for the division they want to be in, and not be surprised when they are asked to drop players or be forced to move to a higher division.  Below are the limits for each division. 

D1 - Unlimited

   D2 - 6**

D3 - 4

D4 - 2

D5 - 1

D6 - 0

*Players who did not participate in the 2015 season are subject to an evaluation by the Board of Directors to determine their "ranked" status.

**For the 2016 season D2 Teams will only be allowed 4 Ranked Players on their roster.

NOTE - This is only one factor in division placement.  Teams will still be evaluated based on previous years performance, roster changes, overall roster strength, and strength of other teams in the proposed division.