Rain Out info

Yesterday's Results Jun 28
Away     Home
Los LoBos 6 10 US Army/#Redstrong
Ramsey Rehab/BWW3 7 11 Mill Auto Cobras
Clan Battlehammer 20 5 Breaking Balls
Gazbar/Taylor Rental 13 6 Rye + Thyme
DCU/B-DUB2 23 4 Builtwell Fence
Joey's CPA Swingers 14 6 Mexichem Specialty Compounds

Today's Games Jun 29
Time Away VS Home Field
6:15 PM Cadel The Sandlot Upper Field (2)
6:15 PM Mason's Bowling and Rec Storm Troopers Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM ASI Moe's Tavern Lower Field (1)
7:00 PM The Sandlot CFG/ A1 Pallets Upper Field (2)
8:00 PM TKO Round 2 Los LoBos Upper Field (2)
8:00 PM US Army/#Redstrong Moe's Tavern 2 Lower Field (1)
9:00 PM Mill Auto Cobras M Prowlers Upper Field (2)
9:00 PM US Army/#Redstrong M TCWF Warriors Lower Field (1)




Contact Lori Beaudoin League Administrator @ 978-265-9661 or lorib12@yahoo.com



There are still some players who have not paid their alternate player fee. If anyone who is unpaid participates in a game, their team will receive a forfeit. No exceptions. Next year we would like to get alternate player fees paid by the first week of the season. Its only $20. We have now listed the players who still owe, if you think your name is listed in error, please contact any board member.

Chris Corliss
Willie Lopez

Special Note* Players who have been deemed "pending" by the Board of Directors do not have to pay their alternate player fee unless they are approved at the subsequent board meeting and appear on a league roster.